I love cats!

Do you love them, too? Ailurophiles Unite!

As cat lovers, we care about improving their well-being. We respect all cats as the individuals they are and do our best to understand their complex needs and provide them with happy, healthy lives. Sometimes, that can be challenging.

With my professional and personal experience, I’m able to offer helpful insight and solutions for everyday typical situations and unexpected issues facing cat guardians and pet professionals.

Aunt Stacey and Daisy the Persian
Cat Behavior Consulting

There are reasons for your cat’s behavior. Understanding the why from the feline perspective brings solutions that may surprise you.

Cat Grooming

Domestic cats benefit from assisted grooming. Gentle handling and proper techniques are the keys to success.

Private Instruction

One-to-one and small group training for guardians and pet professionals.

Public Speaking

Enthusiastically passionate about compassionate care, live engagements center around stories of triumph, turbulence, and the benefits of bargaining with cats.