Catty Comments & Comebacks: Leo’s Lion Clip Video

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I’ve been posting videos on my YouTube channel since January 2011. From the beginning, the feedback has been overwhelmingly pawsitive! purrrrr! Thanks for being such amazing and compassionate cat lovers. When things get out of hand and trolls stomp over the line of politeness and common decency, I most often delete their comments. I don’t need that negativity in my life and I sure don’t want to have it on my social media either.

Sometimes the comments, albeit harsh, are purrfect for opening up a dialogue. I believe in having those conversation whenever possible because I’ve seen the a-ha moments, the shift, the change of perspective. Helping cats and their people motivates me everyday to keep sharing and learning more about these amazing cats to whom we’ve devoted our lives. Thanks for being a part of it and for sharing your experiences, too. I absolutely love it when other viewers comment to offer their insight and try to encourage open-mindedness by sharing their experiences. I also get a chuckle from the ones who clap-back and set things straight.

To that end, I’ve decided to share some of the less than happy comments posted on my videos along with my own responses and those of my purrific viewers. May the Catty Comments & Comebacks educate, enlighten, and entertain.

Aunt Stacey


The Trigger Video
The Catty Comment
Viewer Comeback
Desire Baker: Beach Beemer you obviously didn’t watch the entire video, otherwise you would have seen a content, trusting, and happy cat. I’d rather have a shaved cat than a matted or pelted cat…  (Right on!)
Aunt Stacey responds…
Pawsitive ASC Community Love

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