Cute Cat-Themed Scrubs

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I just found a scrap piece of paper from 10 years ago! One look around my home office proves it. I keep every note, article, and packet I think might be useful, if not immediately, then someday. I dream of having it all neatly sorted and filed in easily ... Read More

Mats = Ouch!

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Matted fur is painful for the cat. And it gets worse with time. The coat will not take care of itself or get better on its own. The cat is unable to tease out matted fur. Make no mistake, damage is being done to the ... Read More

Kitty Trigonometry

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Cats make it look so easy! Opie and Gracie are housemates and two of my favorite feline friends. As demonstrated in these photos, they're experts in the fine art of stretching into near purrfect right angles and holding that pose indefinitely. They've got me beat by a ... Read More

Since you’ve been gone…

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Since you've been gone, I no longer wake to headbonks , whisker tickles, and deep purrs I no longer am greeted by a high, curved, quivering tail and a demanding “MWOWR” I no longer am pulled into the intensity of 'the look' demanding food or ... Read More

Cat Body Language: Annoyed!

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Tails sway as Harvey & Shadey vie for bed space At 19, Harvey is the oldest of our kitty clan. The long-reigning king doesn't appreciate the pushiness of the youngest feline, 7ish year old Miss Shadey Lady. She's been a family member for the better part of ... Read More