My Kitties

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I watch you as you’re sleeping, A precious smile upon your face. What could it be you’re dreaming? Did that silly mouse give chase? I laugh as you go charging by, Hunting prey only you can see. Leaping, spinning, so intent. How wonderful to be … Read More

Stop Saying That!

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As a cat groomer, something has been bothering me for years and it seems to have taken on momentum of extreme proportions. There’s a dangerous mantra being perpetuated throughout the grooming industry. It’s an unfair and unjust view.   The groomer’s failure to properly handle … Read More

Claw Caps for Cats

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Cats use their claws to scratch both horizontal and vertical spaces. They do this to stretch their muscles, to sharpen their claws by removing the outer sheath and to mark objects with their scent. It’s a natural behavior that comes with the territory of sharing … Read More

Mind, Body & Spirit

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As a cat care provider I must responsibly consider all the effects my services will have on the entire cat: Mind, Body & Spirit. I have the pleasure of grooming cats and helping them look and feel their best. By removing dead coat and matted … Read More

Minimizing Travel Anxiety & Stress

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“My cat hates the car ride!” I hear this complaint a lot from clients who dread traveling with their feline friends. It’s not surprising, really. Traveling is stressful for many cats. It rarely correlates with anything positive for them. When considering the only time cats … Read More