Cats Rule!

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Welcome Ailurophiles! I’m super excited to announce we’ve officially launched The theme is simple: Cats Rule!! To pay homage to my animal-loving hero, Steve Irwin, my intent is to always respect and revere our animal friends. Cats are delightful, intelligent, self-serving creatures who are … Read More

Lost and now recovered

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I have the most amazing boyfriend. He's so patient with me as I fumble around asking silly questions about computer programs and other tech stuff. As soon as my website launches you'll all see what I mean when I say he's the best. A novice ... Read More

It’s March, my favorite month

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I love this time of year. In Texas it usually means warmer days and flowers blooming. Despite more allergy suffering and incessant college basketball, March is a definite favorite.   It's my birthday month!  As the years pass I realize more and more the value ... Read More

Learning the ropes

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It's not just cats that I love. I've always felt a connection, a kinship with all animals. Most of you know what I mean, that feeling of compassion in your heart & soul for a creature who is so unlike us yet remarkably similar emotionally. ... Read More