Cat Body Language: Annoyed!

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Tails sway as Harvey & Shadey vie for bed space

At 19, Harvey is the oldest of our kitty clan. The long-reigning king doesn’t appreciate the pushiness of the youngest feline, 7ish year old Miss Shadey Lady. She’s been a family member for the better part of 5 years. Loved greatly by the humans, the other cats merely tolerate her.

Shadey wholeheartedly believes she really should be top-cat and spares no opportunity to express herself with demanding meows, loud whines, and strategic positioning. Many of her antics go unchallenged, but the value of bed space is far too precious for Harvey to give up his spot.

It may not seem like much, but these tail sways are clear cat communication of mild to moderate displeasure/annoyance. They maintained their positions for a few moments before Shadey freaked out, screamed, and jumped off the bed. Following a brief look of disgust, Harvey smugly curled up to resume napping.

Observing cat behavior is fascinating to me. So many nuances and species-unique attributes, it’s no wonder they’re my favorite animal. I’ve spent my lifetime studying them and still learn more every day. What a thrill.

Aunt Stacey

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