Cat Body Language: Annoyed!

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Tails sway as Harvey & Shadey vie for bed space At 19, Harvey is the oldest of our kitty clan. The long-reigning king doesn't appreciate the pushiness of the youngest feline, 7ish year old Miss Shadey Lady. She's been a family member for the better part of ... Read More

Minimizing Travel Anxiety & Stress

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“My cat hates the car ride!” I hear this complaint a lot from clients who dread traveling with their feline friends. It’s not surprising, really. Traveling is stressful for many cats. It rarely correlates with anything positive for them. When considering the only time cats … Read More

Cats Rule!

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Welcome Ailurophiles! I’m super excited to announce we’ve officially launched The theme is simple: Cats Rule!! To pay homage to my animal-loving hero, Steve Irwin, my intent is to always respect and revere our animal friends. Cats are delightful, intelligent, self-serving creatures who are … Read More