Cute Cat-Themed Scrubs

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I just found a scrap piece of paper from 10 years ago! One look around my home office proves it. I keep every note, article, and packet I think might be useful, if not immediately, then someday. I dream of having it all neatly sorted and filed in easily ... Read More

Mats = Ouch!

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Matted fur is painful for the cat. And it gets worse with time. The coat will not take care of itself or get better on its own. The cat is unable to tease out matted fur. Make no mistake, damage is being done to the ... Read More

A Cat in My Lap by Karen Boxell

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Doesn't this sound like the purrfect purrdicament? It does to me! And everyone will just have to understand. Enjoying life is all about having the right priorities. "A Cat in My Lap" is such a popular poem among cat lovers. I originally read it when my grandmother ... Read More

The Loss is Profound

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It’s so strange to look around our home and not see certain cats sleeping in coveted spots. It’s a brutal reality check to reach for only three cans of food now. In the past nine months our family has gone from sharing our home with … Read More

Living the Dream

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I love helping people understand cats in new and interesting ways. When I am in a position to teach and share, I feel at peace. There’s something soul-warming about being instrumental in another’s discovery. It’s particularly thrilling when a passion is shared. I’m very grateful to … Read More

My Kitties

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I watch you as you’re sleeping, A precious smile upon your face. What could it be you’re dreaming? Did that silly mouse give chase? I laugh as you go charging by, Hunting prey only you can see. Leaping, spinning, so intent. How wonderful to be … Read More

Stop Saying That!

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As a cat groomer, something has been bothering me for years and it seems to have taken on momentum of extreme proportions. There’s a dangerous mantra being perpetuated throughout the grooming industry. It’s an unfair and unjust view.   The groomer’s failure to properly handle … Read More

Claw Caps for Cats

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Cats use their claws to scratch both horizontal and vertical spaces. They do this to stretch their muscles, to sharpen their claws by removing the outer sheath and to mark objects with their scent. It’s a natural behavior that comes with the territory of sharing … Read More