Cute Cat-Themed Scrubs

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Uniform AdvantageI just found a scrap piece of paper from 10 years ago! One look around my home office proves it. I keep every note, article, and packet I think might be useful, if not immediately, then someday. I dream of having it all neatly sorted and filed in easily accessible color-coded folders. My reality sways between nightmarish clutter and organized chaos. Still, it’s always fun to find treasures and inspiration.

If I write it down, it holds interest for me. As soon as I pulled up the Uniform Advantage website and typed “cats” in their search, I knew I had found something totally cool and was super excited to have discovered this note again.

Talk about cute! These scrubs are ah-dorable and absolutely purrfect for the pet professional. As a cotton/poly blend, they might not be ideal for full grooming sessions. Easy enough to throw on a crinkle rayon top or other hair resistant jacket during the groom.

I can’t wait to order a set, or two, or three… Me-Wow!!

Aunt Stacey

I was not compensated for featuring Uniform Advantage scrubs. I just think they’re great. In the pet industry, so much is geared toward dogs. It’s pawsome to find cat-specific items to show off our feline affiliation.

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