Cat Grooming Options for All Purrsonalities

transforming felines from scraggly to sleek, soft, and snuggly

  • Is your cat shedding everywhere?
  • Are hairballs a regular occurrence?
  • Are your cat’s claws causing injury or damage?
  • Did you discover mats in your cat’s coat? 

These are just a few common issues that professional grooming can remedy. Grooming should be done in a positively reinforced manner. As a holistic cat groomer, I specialize in compassionate care for the feline mind, body, and soul through low-stress experiences.

Appropriate assisted grooming provides a number of benefits for cats and their guardians. Some cats may only need help on occasion, while others require daily upkeep. From routine claw trims to full body clips, a variety of options are available to benefit every feline’s lifestyle.

Unless noted, service fees are based on an hourly rate with a one-hour minimum charge. The time required for the groom is determined by many factors including the cat’s temperament, special needs, coat condition, and style request. The best interest of the cat is given the greatest consideration.

Primary Care
  • Paw-dicure (claw trim, pad inspection, & paw massage)
  • Skin & Coat Inspection
  • Initial Combout
  • Preliminary Deshedding
  • Warm Fresh-Water Bath
  • Full-Body Massage
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Gentle Facial
  • Dental Inspection & Recommendation
  • High Velocity & Fluff Drying by Hand
  • Anti-static Rehydrating Mist Application
  • Final Deshedding
  • Final Combout and Brushing
Claw Care

Claws are clipped as needed and thoroughly cleaned. The paw pads are carefully examined for overall health and texture. A gentle paw and leg massage is given, if well received.

Claw trimming requirements vary by cat. Typically, maintenance is most beneficial at 4-6 week intervals. Claw trims are included with both Primary Grooming Care options at no additional charge.

A la carte claw trims are $25, plus $10 per additional cat on same visit.

Vinyl claw caps are applied using a pet-safe adhesive. Originally developed by a veterinarian, the caps effectively cover the claws and prevent damage when cats exhibit their natural scratching instincts. When applied correctly, leaving an appropriate amount of claw exposed at the base, a cat should be able to comfortably retract their claws.

There are many color options available. Aunt Stacey recommends Soft Paws®. Clients need to provide a complete set of claw caps and glue. Some cats may require 2 different claw cap sizes. The average adult cat wears Medium and Large. Most caps last approximately four weeks. Caps should be removed and replaced at least every six weeks. To see Aunt Stacey apply caps to the front claws, watch her video.

A la carte claw cap applications are $35 for front claws only or $40 for all.

Coat Modification

The Lion Clip is an all-over body shave using a 10 blade (clips the fur to 1/16″), excluding the head, ruff, paws, legs and tail. The tail can be left at a natural length or clipped to a 2-3″ span of fur on the tail tip, much like a real lion. A Standard Groom is included with the Lion Clip at no additional charge.

The Lion Clip is a popular style to reduce shedding, prevent hairballs, and for general comfort. However, not all cats respond well to it. Aunt Stacey reserves the right to refuse any practice which she deems harmful to the cat’s well-being.

* Clipping may be necessary to remove moderate to severe matting. 

The Comb Clip is a full-body shave achieved using an attachment comb over a clipping blade which leaves the coat from 1/2″ to 1″ in length. The head, ruff, paws, and legs are blended to match the body. The tail fur can be left natural or blended. A Standard Groom is included with the Comb Clip at no additional charge.

The tummy and sanitary areas are two of the most problematic for cats and their owners to maintain. Routine clipping can be very effective at combating hairballs, to prevent matting, and eliminate unpleasant hygienic issues. The bloomers (fur on the back of the hind legs) can be shortened and blended upon request at no additional charge.

The ruff, also commonly called a “mane”, can grow very long on some cats. This often causes problems by getting caught in the cat’s mouth when self-grooming. Water and food debris can potentially create an unsightly appearance and painful coat matting. By carefully trimming this area with thinning shears, the coat is shortened and a natural balanced look is achieved.

The paws are given a tidy, rounded shape by clipping the fur on the bottom even with the pads and trimming the long growth around the top and sides. This style option helps minimize litter tracking, provides better sanitation, and aids traction on non-carpeted flooring. It can be especially helpful for senior, geriatric, diabetic, and CRF cats who tend to urinate large amounts.

Skin Care

Cats can suffer from seborrhea (dandruff) and other non-specific scales and crust, particularly if the coat has become matted. Applying a medicated shampoo for up to ten minutes will provide immediate, yet temporary relief. In all cases, a veterinarian should examine changes to the skin and coat as an underlying health condition or allergy may be the cause and treatment can vary.

On the top of the tail near the base is a gland that naturally secretes sebum. An overactive gland is known as Supracaudal Gland Hyperplasia, or Stud Tail. Many cats exhibit problematic symptoms including excess oil, blackheads, matted fur, and infections. If stud tail is observed, the area will be thoroughly cleaned using a gentle degreasing process and antibacterial wash.

Aunt Stacey does not apply pesticide shampoos for parasite removal. Special bathing techniques are used to safely and effectively eliminate visible adult fleas. However, bathing alone is not sufficient for parasite control. The home environment should also be routinely treated for a minimum of 3 months.

Please advise Aunt Stacey in advance if you suspect fleas are present on your cat. If so, you are required to purchase and administer an oral dose of Capstar® at least 2 hours, but no more than 18 hours, prior to the grooming appointment. Your respect and cooperation in this regard are greatly appreciated. Minimizing exposure to and avoiding cross-contamination with other clients’ pets are of paramount concern.

Aunt Stacey will administer an oral dose of Capstar® to the cat if live fleas are found during grooming. A $10 charge for this medication will be added to the invoice total. This fast-acting tablet results in adult flea parasite control within 6 hours and lasts up to 24 hours.

Topical flea products provided by the client are applied free of charge. Please note, certain products cannot be used within 48 hours of bathing. Verify the recommended application procedure provided by the manufacturer. All medications must come in the original package with a prescription label from a verifiable veterinarian. Over-the-counter products will not be applied.

If ticks are found, an attempt will be made to remove them safely. All ticks and wounds caused by ticks should be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible. Lyme disease is a serious and potentially life-threatening concern.

Coat Care

It may be possible to remove small tangles by gently combing them out of the coat, but moderate to severe matting must be clipped. Mats are painful for the cat. Removal involves a certain amount of risk and increases the groom time considerably. Often skin issues are exposed after mat removal which may require a medicated bath and/or veterinary care. Prevention of mats is vital for a cat’s overall comfort and health.

A final rinse solution is applied after coat cleansing. It neutralizes shampoo residue, seals the cuticle, adds moisture to the coat without build-up, and makes combing easier.

  • Paw-dicure (claw trim, pad inspection, & paw massage)
  • Skin & Coat Inspection
  • Moderate Combout
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Gentle Facial
  • Dental Inspection & Recommendation
  • Anti-static Rehydrating Mist Application

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