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Following are my purrsonal recommendations for awesome pet pros and advocates for cats and their people. Click on the names and images below to link to their respective websites.

Rescue & Adoption

Give Me Shelter Cat Rescue is a registered 501(C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing cats from abuse, abandonment, and neglect. Their all volunteer team work within the San Francisco community, primarily assisting adult and senior cats through rescue and adoption services. Adoption events are held every Saturday & Sunday from 12-4 PM at the Petco on Sloat Blvd. and the Petco at Potrero Center.


Lynne Lankes, DVM

Several of my senior kitties have had the good fortune of receiving Dr. Lankes’ compassionate and comprehensive veterinary care. She has an incomparable talent for communicating in ways that truly help cat guardians understand the medical needs of their pets. I trust her implicitly. In addition to being a real cat lover, she specializes in exotic pets at Montecito Veterinary Center in Santa Rosa, California. She also donates her time and skills to local rescue and wildlife rehabilitation groups. 

Jennifer Wilcox, DVM

My mentor and former employer, Dr. Wilcox is the founder and practice owner of Stonebriar Veterinary Centre. Located in Frisco, Texas and certified by the American Association of Feline Practitioners as a Cat Friendly Practice, SVC offers a private feline exam room and upscale cat boarding. Dr. Wilcox works tirelessly to support and promote local rescue groups, giving of her time and providing pro bono veterinary care. She embodies the spirit of quality care coupled with genuine kindness and compassion.

Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

Her teachings have influenced my career and inspired me as a holistic groomer more than any other. As the most influential and innovative leader for compassionate, low-stress handling, Dr. Yin’s work encompasses a variety of species-specific strategies for successful interactions. Cattledog Publishing features Dr. Yin’s valuable books and educational products. I highly recommend them to all pet lovers, guardians, and professionals alike.

Andy Roark, DVM

Dr. Roark shares his uplifting, inspirational philosophy about pet care through entertaining videos, blogs, and as a popular public speaker, in addition to practicing veterinary medicine in Greenville, South Carolina. His YouTube channel, Cone of Shame, is the purrfect mix of good information and humor in a clever video format. And he loves puns. I’m a big fan!

Marty Becker, DVM

Known as “America’s Veterinarian”, Dr. Becker is a prolific writer and New York Times best-selling author. He practices at North Idaho Animal Hospital.

American Association of Feline Practitioners

A professional organization comprised of veterinarians who are passionate about the care of cats. AAFP is an excellent resource for cat guardians to discover veterinarians and practices who are committed to feline friendly service as well as timely advice for all life stages and lifestyles.

Indoor Pet Initiative

Created by the staff at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, their website is packed full of useful information for cat lovers, both guardians and professionals, to ensure the best mental and physical health of our feline companions.

Cornell Feline Health Center

The talented and dedicated team at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine have created a comprehensive library covering just about every cat guardian’s concern and every cat’s need. 

Cat Behaviorists & Lifestyle Experts

Anita Kelsey, Cat Behaviourist UK
Pamela Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behavior Associates
Daniel Quagliozzi, Go! Cat! Go!
Marilyn Krieger, The Cat Coach
Jackson Galaxy, The Cat Daddy

Bay Area Pet Sitters

Purrific Pet Sitting, 415-819-4828

Local Cat Cafes

Cat Town Cafe, Oakland
KitTea, San Francisco

Amazing Products

Kate Benjamin, Hauspanther
RC Tees
Triple T Studios
Animal Rescue Site
Go Cat Feather Toys – Da Bird

Pet Nutrition Experts

Rodney Habib, Pet Food Blogger
Susan Thixton, Truth About Pet Food

Integrative Therapists

Kathleen Prasaad, Animal Reiki Source & SARA


BrightHaven Healing Arts Center for Animals

BrightHaven is a holistic animal sanctuary, hospice, rescue and education center for senior and special needs animals located in Santa Rosa. I had the honor and joy of visiting this special, love-filled space in May 2014 and highly recommend scheduling a tour.

Tallgrass Animal Accupressure
Dr. Laurie Moore, animal communicator

Cat Writers

Ingrid King, The Conscious Cat
Angie Bailey, Texts from Mittens, Catladyland, & Whiskerslist: The Kitty Classifieds
Janiss Garza, SparkleCat featuring Summer & FitCat Publishing
Deb Barnes, Zee & Zoey
Steve Dale’s Pet World
Jeffrey Moussaieff Mason, Nine Emotional Lives of Cats

Professional Cat Grooming Associations & Events

Holistic Cat Groomers Alliance
The Cat Grooming Symposium

This is an ever-evolving collection. Many more resources will continue to be added. If you have a suggestion for inclusion or a comment about anything featured here, email Aunt Stacey.