Schedule a Grooming for Your Cat

Step 1

Preview the various Grooming Options available. Keep in mind that every cat has their own tolerance level. Acceptance of grooming is influenced by their previous grooming experiences as well as their temperament, general health, and lifestyle.

Step 2

Complete and submit the Client & Cat Profile Form below telling me all about your fabulous feline. Be sure to include personality traits, petting preferences, and anything else that will help me better understand your cat.

Step 3

Expect a call from me within 48 business hours. Allow for 15-20 minutes to review the profile form and application. We’ll discuss the best grooming options for your cat and personal situation.

Step 4

Schedule an appointment at a convenient time. Limited day and weekend hours are available. I can typically book a reservation within 1-2 weeks. You are required to be on-site during the entire first grooming session. You also have the option of watching the grooming process. Photos and videos are allowed with certain restrictions.

Step 5

Be sure to spend several minutes actively playing with your cat right before my arrival. This will help expel energy and build up an appetite. Throughout our time together, I’ll be using treats as a motivator (bribe, whatever it takes!) and as a gauge of comfort. Please ensure a calm, quiet environment by limiting the number of people and activity in the home during our appointment.