Instructional Videos

Aunt Stacey shares her philosophy of compassionate cat grooming and the appreciation of feline behavior through a variety of videos. Subscribe to her YouTube channel for the latest updates.

Aunt Stacey demonstrates how to safely give a Sanitary Clip to a neutered male cat.

Aunt Stacey shares a close-up view of the movement of cat skin on the tummy and legs based on body position. With the help of Stoli, a gorgeous and sweet male Persian, she reveals the common areas a cat’s skin will fold and wrinkle causing an increased risk of injury. A small nick to a cat’s skin can quickly tear into a large wound. Offering advice for safe manipulation of the feline body, Aunt Stacey encourages groomers to always be gentle and thoughtful when handling cats.

Aunt Stacey offers more than 30 tips for safe coat clipping. Watch as she transforms Leo, a Domestic Longhair cat, into the popular ‘Lion Clip’ style. Cats should only be shaved by someone well-versed in their anatomy, behavior and handling requirements due to the high risk of injury.

A comprehensive full-length feature video providing detailed instructions, practical advice, and safety concerns about applying claw caps to cats. Claw caps are a compassionate alternative to declawing. Save the toes! Don’t Declaw!

Aunt Stacey demonstrates a deshedding treatment on a Domestic Shorthair cat named Gracie Lu.