Don’t Cats Groom Themselves?

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Yes and they’re quite good at it by nature. Sometimes, it may not be enough. That’s when we need to step in and provide support.
Cats spend a considerable amount of time auto-grooming and they do this for more than just aesthetic reasons. With all that licking, fur is ingested causing the dreaded hairballs. There’s only so much a cat tongue can do, after all.
Senior, overweight, or otherwise compromised cats are unable to care for themselves properly. Kittens introduced to positive human-assisted grooming understand it as part of their routine setting them up for a lifetime of grooming pleasure. There are many skin and coat issues that can be resolved with appropriate grooming support.
How grooming is accomplished is important. Compassionate intentions, holistic practices, and gentle techniques build trust. It should never become a battle of wills. Be present and think long-term for success.

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