Since you’ve been gone…

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Since you’ve been gone, I no longer wake to headbonks , whisker tickles, and deep purrs

I no longer am greeted by a high, curved, quivering tail and a demanding “MWOWR”

I no longer am pulled into the intensity of ‘the look’ demanding food or love

I no longer am concerned with moving dishes from the counter so you can land safely after launching yourself from the table

I no longer have a cuddle buddy to fall asleep with

I no longer automatically reach for the treat bag

I no longer visit the compounding pharmacy monthly

I no longer agonize over your health and happiness

I no longer feel the force and magnificence of your presence

I no longer fill my camera with images of your handsome face

I no longer see you peering out from the window as I come home

I no longer find you in one of a dozen favorite sun spots

I no longer and it breaks my heart.

I miss you and everything about you. I still cry thinking of your absence. You’re in my heart and the memories are forever.


Dedicated to My Harvey Todd Harvey, the King Cat of the World

© 5/28/16, Stacey Ward All Rights Reserved

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3 Comments on “Since you’ve been gone…”

  1. Connie

    it can be so hard when you fight tooth and nail to help them stay, that when they leave you are left with great big holes in your day. My Em was diabetic and passed of cancer, so I relate to so much of what you posted here..

  2. Daphine

    *hugs* I’m sorry for your pain honey! Harvey was one lucky kitty to have you for his mom! He had a life full of love and I’m positive he knew just how special you were too.

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